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For those of us who have attributed the great surge in art market activity and prices from 2003 through now to the enormous growth of the global commerce in the 1990s, the economic news out of China is indeed cause for concern, but is it cause for alarm? How likely is the art market to […]


“All bets are off since last season,” said Michael Plummer, a principal in Artvest Partners in New York and co-director of Spring Masters New York art fair. “Christie’s is pursuing its strategy.”


”Art fairs are expensive to produce and for a top quality fair, you just cannot cut corners.”


“Art investing is unregulated, opaque and illiquid,” says Jeff Rabin, cofounder of Artvest, an independent art investment advisory firm.” So before even considering an investment in art, the buyer should make sure all liquid needs or potential liquid needs are covered by other assets in the portfolio.”

“Sotheby’s and Christie’s are working to expand their brand,” said Jeff Rabin, principal and co-founder of art advisory firm Artvest Partners LLC. “Luxury fashion seems to be a natural extension of art, which is the ultimate luxury item.”

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