Blouin ARTINFO: 2015 Power 100

Artvest Partners (Michael Plummer, Jeff Rabin)

Michael Plummer and Jeff Rabin featured in the 2015 edition of Blouin ARTINFO 100 Power Innovators

Michael Plummer and Jeff Rabin  *  Advisers

With backgrounds in finance, the duo blurs the boundaries between art adviser, business consultant, and fair director. After leaving Christie’s, where Rabin and Plummer served as vice president and chief operating officer, respectively, of financial services, in 2009, the pair cofounded Artvest, a consulting firm that provides investment advice for the art market. In 2013 they gained notice for their groundbreaking 13-year analysis of Sotheby’s for Citibank’s Equity Research Group, which spurred talk of a takeover, and the same year the two acquired an art fair held each May at the Park Avenue Armory, rebranding it as Spring Masters New York. The fair features more than 60 dealers of fine art, design, furniture, and jewelry.

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