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For those of us who have attributed the great surge in art market activity and prices from 2003 through now to the enormous growth of the global commerce in the 1990s, the economic news out of China is indeed cause for concern, but is it cause for alarm? How likely is the art market to […]


Artvest Partners co-founder Michael Plummer on investing in art at spring auctions.

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In response to numerous inquiries from members of the press and the investor community following Mr. Daniel Loeb’s letter to Mr. William Ruprecht, Artvest offers the following statement.

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As an offshoot of the growing acceptance of art as an asset class, there is increased interest and activity in art financing (collateralized lending with art as the underlying asset). In consultation with several industry leaders, Artvest estimates the current size of the pre-dominantly US-based art financing market to be in the range of US […]


In her recent Vanity Fair article, journalist Alexandra Peers discusses Qatar’s purchase of Cézanne’s Card Players, one of only five in existence and the only one not already in a major museum. The price was more than $250 million, which is now the record for the highest amount ever paid for a work of art.

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