Market Research, Enhanced Appraisals & Liquidity Assessments

Market Research

“The key to investing in art is to fully understand the marketplace. Art requires a unique understanding of the drivers of connoisseurship and collector demand which establish value.”

Artvest reports on regional and international market trends and creates detailed evaluations for specific works of art or entire collections. For works of art under consideration for investment or for use as loan collateral, Artvest provides Enhanced Appraisals and Liquidity Assessments. Providing this specialized information allows clients to make financially prudent buying and selling decisions.
  • Determine value based on public & proprietary art market data
  • Utilize custom indexes to benchmark the current market in the context of historical sales data
  • Assess recent movements in the market & forecast future trends
  • Employ a range of metrics, tools & data to evaluate rarity, significance & market confidence
  • Analyze risk, liquidity & price momentum
  • Conduct due diligence, including title, liens & research on provenance
  • Publish bi-annual Market Analysis, exploring important market trends & key issues of the moment

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