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Performance art is coming in from the margins with a flood of prestigious exhibitions and museum initiatives that throw new light on a medium often seen as a relic of the 1970s.

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There has definitely been an upwards momentum in the female American Abstract Expressionist’s market… “It’s certainly an area we would recommend clients to seriously consider,” said Michael Plummer.

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The art world is relatively illiquid, and prices depend on several factors—lack of supply, changes in taste, new research, when a work was bought, how often it has appeared at market, condition, provenance, and, as Michael Plummer of Artvest Partners, says: “The most unpredictable factor of all—collector behaviour.”


“Many investors are looking for a pleasure that is not going to lose its value, unlike automobiles and yachts,” says Michael Plummer, co-founder of Artvest Partners, an independent art-finance consulting firm that advises a range of clients across the world on how to invest in art and helps them to negotiate the art market.

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37.4% of European, and 31.1% of North American millionaires now view art as the most fruitful passion investment, according to the report. “This is a significant turning point in the perception of art as an asset class in western societies,” said Michael Plummer of Artvest Partners.

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