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On Wednesday night in New York, at a UBS discussion on fine art and investments, moderator, art adviser and dealer Jason Rulnick asked panelists whether they thought art was an asset or an investment. Pretty much everyone agreed that it was an asset, but were a lot more guarded about its investment potential.


Lively and controversial panel discussion hosted by the Art Investment Council on whether or not the art market is in a bubble. Co-founded by Artvest in 2011, Art Investment Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of art as an asset class by encouraging transparency, best practices, education and consistency of terminology and reporting.


On Wednesday October 3, UBS will host an exclusive panel discussion on art investments. The conversation will include how to invest in art, the estate planning ramifications of the asset class, and the psychic dividends enjoyed.


Watch The MoneyShow videos to hear Jeff Rabin on: The $65 Billion Art Market, The State of the Art Market & Emerging Art Markets


The art market is complex, opaque, and unregulated, making it difficult for all but the most experienced to navigate, yet the potential of art as an investment has become a hot topic and received significant attention. On Friday, August 24, Jeff Rabin, Artvest Co-Founder & Principal, presented Art Investments: Do They Belong in Your Portfolio? at The MoneyShow at the San Francisco Marriot Marquis. Mr. Rabin discusses the current state of the art market and how to approach art collecting as an investment opportunity.

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