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Artvest Partners, a New York firm that advises wealthy collectors, reckons the [art fund] market is… $1.5 billion to $2 billion as of mid-2012.


Hirst’s naysayers doubt that. They trace his fall to a $200 million auction staged in 2008, on the day Lehman Brothers collapsed. Hirst sold hundreds of works directly to bidders, defying the custom of restricting supply. “Hirst screwed with his market, and it came back to bite him,” says Michael Plummer, principal of the investment advisory firm Artvest Partners. “He broke the economic rules of the industry.”


An untested company helmed by alittle-known art dealer might have trouble getting traction in the reputation-obsessed art world, advisors suggest. “In theory, it sounds like agood idea. But how can they guarantee the property owner comfort?” asks Jeff Rabin, co-founder of art investment firm Artvest Partners. “I don’t know what they own or the scope of their guarantees. But if all their clients try to cash in at once, they might be forced to go into bankruptcy and liquidate. And if that happens, what happens to all the people they guaranteed?”


“From an investment standpoint, fine art-contemporary, impressionist and modern art-is a deep market. It’s globally traded and liquid,” says Michael Plummer, co-founder of New York-based Artvest Partners, which advises wealthy families and individuals on investing in fine art.

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UBS recently assembled a panel of professionals from the art and investing worlds to wax philosophic on art as an investment. Indeed, it’s difficult to combine the two modes of thinking when “art is illiquid, opaque, and unregulated,” said Jeff Rabin, cofounder of investment firm Artvest Partners, which specializes in the art market. “Should you need to pay a bill and you have a Picasso portrait of Marie-Thérèse on the wall, the likelihood is you’re not going to be able to flip that right away for the price you want to achieve.”

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