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Consumer behaviors are difficult to interpret and trends cannot be predicted based on a single event for such a large and globalized market, so Artvest is looking forward to assessing the Hong Kong Asian Art sales in early October at Sotheby’s and at the end of November at Christie’s to get a better sense of the what can be expected in the Asian art market going forward.


“There’s a perception among Chinese collectors that America is a treasure trove of fresh property,” said Michael Plummer, a principal of New York-based Artvest Partners LLC. “It’s very prestigious, has good provenance and there’s a better chance that the works are authentic because they have been in the same hands for years.” Plummer didn’t expect the turmoil in the Middle East or the devastation in Japan to affect turnout. “The stock market responds immediately to world events,” he said. “Historically, the art market responds six months to a year later.”

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