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“Collectors and dealers will be watching the auctions closely for clues about the next move for prices. In general, collectors are favoring high-quality works by major artists, in contrast to the often-indiscriminate buying before the crash,” says Jeff Rabin, a co-founder and principal at Artvest, a Manhattan-based art investment advisory company.


Consumer behaviors are difficult to interpret and trends cannot be predicted based on a single event for such a large and globalized market, so Artvest is looking forward to assessing the Hong Kong Asian Art sales in early October at Sotheby’s and at the end of November at Christie’s to get a better sense of the what can be expected in the Asian art market going forward.

Yue Minjun

Artvest’s Winter-Spring 2011 Market Analysis discussed the growing phenomenon of the Chinese art market. Results from the spring sales in New York, Hong Kong and Beijing demonstrate that the Chinese auction market continues to gain momentum at a dizzying rate. Sky-high sales results and shattered records were abundant across categories — from Ceramics to Paintings […]


When US financial markets first tumbled in May and June under renewed economic uncertainty and anemic growth in the US and UK, various sectors of the art market performed as if immune to the laws of gravity. But looking beneath the surface of reported results reveals a more complicated landscape. Compare, for example, three recent […]

Wall Street Journal

The role Asia is playing in the market’s recovery cannot be overstated: China’s art spending in auctions and galleries has nearly quadrupled over the past five years, to $10.9 billion, says Artvest Partners, a New York art finance firm. China now outsells European art hubs like Britain, the European Fine Art Foundation says.

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