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Alchemy Magazine republishes Artvest’s article “The Truth About Art Funds”, originally printed in the Fall 2011 Market Analysis.


According to Artvest Partners, an art advisory firm based in New York that publishes indexes tracking the performance of different art categories, the art fund universe is worth $1 billion, only a fraction of the sector when you consider that the global turnover in both private sales and at auction, according to the firm, was approximately $65 billion in 2011. Jeff Rabin, who co-founded Artvest with fellow Christie’s alumnus Michael Plummer, is currently establishing an art fund for a major institution. He believes investing in art through a fund is a good way to access the market, as long as you do your homework to avoid the pitfalls and conflicts of interest that can occur.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, a remarkable group of American visionaries (Marquand, Havemeyer, Frick, Gardner, Morgan and Mellon) took it upon themselves to bring culture to a country and a growing population that was notorious for the lack of it. In so doing, they permanently altered the landscape of the art market and […]

The fall Post-War & Contemporary Art season picked up where the spring left off, with continued interest across the sector. The sale season began in October during London’s Frieze week, with 180 lots selling for a combined hammer price of US $102.0 million versus a presale estimate of US $93.8 to US $131.5 million, with […]

For over a decade, the 19th Century Paintings category has languished due to the departure of several of its most active collectors and a dearth of new buyers. In a stroke of marketing brilliance, Sotheby’s decided to schedule a highly edited, top quality 19th Century Paintings sale during the same week as the Impressionist & […]

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