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Incrementally Positive Takes from Citi’s Proprietary 5/9/12 Call on Auction Industry with Artvest LLC — (1) Art market has returned to its pre-crisis size at $64.9mm in 2011 vs. $62-$66 in 2007-2008 with strong potential to increase again in 2012; (2) Sotheby’s has become the most dominant player in NY for Impressionist/Modern; (3) China now the world’s largest consumer of art at 30% vs. US 29%.


Michael Plummer comments on the Theodore Forstmann Collection for sale at Sotheby’s.

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Jeff Rabin comments on art as an asset class in an article about SWAG: Silver, Wine, Art and Gold.


Michael Plummer comments on the art finance landscape as a growing number of wealthy individuals are turning the art on their walls into cash via art loans.

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