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Increased wealth creation has created a generation of HNWI intent on art investing. Jeff Rabin comments on new breed of Chinese investors.


“International high-net-worth individuals are looking for somewhere to put their money besides the anemic stock market,” Michael Plummer and Jeff Rabin, the two principals behind the midtown Manhattan-based Artvest Partners LLC, recently wrote.


Market volatility and severe declines have reduced the attractiveness of many other investment options, such as equities, bonds and hedge funds, so it’s not surprising that investors are increasingly attracted to passion funds, such as art.

Much like Chinese Works of Art, Wine is one of the most accessible collecting categories. A good deal has been written about the Chinese passion for wine, specifically Bordeaux and top-flight Burgundy. Since February 2008, when the Hong Kong government lifted the 40% import duty on wine sales, auction volume has grown by nearly 1300%, […]

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“In countries in the Middle East and India and China, investors have historically had a higher predilection to hold tangible assets like gold, gems [and] jewelry, as well as art, both as investments and hedges against inflation,” says Michael Plummer, a cofounder of Artvest, an independent, financially focused art advisory firm based in New York.

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